The Rx Healthcare Fund aims to build an integrated portfolio of strategic healthcare assets across the North African countries of Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco with a potential for expansion and replication in the vastly underserved Sub-Saharan healthcare markets of Kenya, Nigeria and Ethiopia.

North Africa—Turning Local Players into Regional Champions

North Africa has a relatively developed but fragmented healthcare sector that includes a number of established players that can be consolidated into an integrated portfolio of assets. Our investments in these operational assets in Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia will provide them with the operational knowhow and growth capital they need to become regional champions.

Sub-Saharan Africa—Creating Sustainable Healthcare Infrastructures

Sub-Saharan Africa suffers from an inadequate health infrastructure, a shortage of skilled medical workers and inefficient management systems. With lack of government funding and insufficient private sector facilities, the healthcare sector remains dependent on international aid. By replicating successful business models and drawing on lessons learned from North Africa we aim to invest in both Greenfield and Brownfield opportunities in Nigeria, Ethiopia and Kenya that could stand to benefit from consolidation plays.